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Whew, what a busy year it’s been! I have been shooting new sets and will update the free gallery in the next few months. I want my site to be an extension of your ideas and your comments, so please keep the ideas coming. Email me at lydia@switchlydia.com

The Really Big News . . .

I have decided to move away from the idea of a member site for now. Instead I have added a link that will take you to a site to view my new video clips. Gotta keep up with the times, besides wouldn’t you rather see me kicking, squirming and struggling than just laying still (as in still picture). So come on, click the “Video” button and check it out, I think you might enjoy yourself.

Here is a short list of some of the new sets
you will see in the coming months:
Pet Girl images
Bondage images
Smoking Fetish images
Foot Fetish images
Dominatrix images


Free Gallery Updates Coming Soon!

Free Gallery Update!


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